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Cancellation Form
We hate to see you go! Was there any additional help we could have given or any additional comments you would like to share as to why you wish to cancel?
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Coupon Request Form
So You decided to stay? Well, we are excited, and to prove it, we are offering you half off your next month's service. Why? Because you have brightened our day by giving us another try. Send us a request for your coupon code here. Again...Welcome back to the Family!
*Only one coupon code per client
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CSR Key Request Form
A Certificate Signing Request, or CSR, is a block of encrypted text which typically contains information that will be included in the SSL certificate. Request your Key by filling in the appropriate fields.
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Restore Form
If you are upgrading accounts, please make sure that the upgrade is fully completed and all files have been moved to your new account before submitting your form. Once we cancel your account, you will not be able to retrieve your files. Remember to have a backup too just in case.

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